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Dollface Aesthetics & Wellness

It's simple... more hair and better skin


Our Focus

Dollface Aesthetics & Wellness is a unique player in the industry.  We take an innovative approach in providing health and wellness services that restore skin from within by using Platelet Rich Plasma via micro-needling and/or micro-injecting. This skin restoration process allows you to obtain natural results while steering away from unnecessary use of chemicals.  

Our techniques promote minimized/reduced fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. The best part is that this technique is perfect for all skin types.


Our facility is located in Las Vegas, NV. Our clinic is of a chemical free philosophy and so our procedures are tolerated very well. There's little down time and some services can be done in 30min or less. PRP with micro-needling and hair restoration starts at $399.


More About Us

Our clinic has been in establishment since 2012. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada

At Dollface Aesthetic Boutique we utilize non-invasive aesthetic procedures to restore and promote healthy skin and hair.  This procedure is good for both men and women wishing to avoid surgery. We offer umbilical cord/Wharton’s jelly derived stem cell therapy to restore the skin or hair to a healthier state. We have a Board Certified Physician and follow all Nevada medical board Policies and Procedures. 


Contact Us

IG: Dollfaceaestheticlv 

4815 W. Russell Rd. #15O Las Vegas, NV. 89118

text: 702-742-1080

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